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Workshop management platform

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Elegantly simple workshop management software
Affiliate & Promoter Programs: A network of affiliates and local champions to promote your events.
Discounts & Pricing: Tiered pricing based on location, discounts and promotions applied to families of events.
Advanced Analytical Tools: Track visitor and referral data, estimate payments and predict interest in each event.
Followup Practices: Create personalized followup development plans with the practices from the workshop.
5-Star Locations: Access our participant-rated global venues, leaving all the logistics and catering to us.
Local Communities: Get involved by rubbing shoulders in a local community or joining the 20K+ online followers.
Administration: Fully automated ticketing, invoicing, reminders, instructions, feedback requests, and event ratings.
Payments & Invoicing: Global credit cards and local bank transfers in 30+ countries.
Booking Management: Standardized conditions, self-service re-assigning of bookings and requests for refunds.
Our Customers
Energy, finance, telecommunications, consulting, transportation, technology. You are in good company.